CASCO Guest Service

General System Features

  • Guest shall be able to

    request service from his room by calling the Guest Service Centre.
  • Automatic Call Recording

    to ensure Quality Control.
  • Calles are distributed

    according to guest check in language (skill based).
  • The request/complaint

    shall be sent to the corresponding Hotel Staff guest service remote application.
  • The system provides a detailed analysis

    for the followings (but not limited to):
    • Service/complaint delivery and response time.
    • Guest feed back.
    • Alarms for services delayed more than a pre-specified service time.

Other System Features

In case of failure to deliver

the services, it will be automatically escalated to the Supervisor and Department Manager via different types of alarms and procedures.

Service agent should be able to

track (view) service status from his soft phone.

Guest agents use Casco soft phone to

connect hotel IP PBX.

The agents can login

using their username and password, so they can receive guest calls.

Agent extension number

always appears on soft phone screen-with registered label- to confirm connectivity with hotel PBX.

When the agent receive a call from the guest ,

all the information will appear on the screen including incoming guest room, and the history of the complaints for this room and the status of each complain, and who is assigned to this complain.

The agent can open

the details of any complain whether it’s pending or finished.

The agent can create any new service/complaint

with predefined services and the subject of the complaint, and he can add a note for this complaint, and it will immediately appear at the screen of order taker assigned to this complaint.

Each agent can check to see

how many calls he received and the status of each complaint if it’s finished or pending.

Each order taker will appear to him

Each order taker will appear to him the guest complaint once it’s made by the agent.

The order taker can reassign to

another one , or if the issue was fixed, he can closed and put any comments he want, the complaint will move to the solved complaints screen.