CIRA For Micros

CIRA Solution Highlights

CIRA For Micros Is Your Professional Solution To Add Call Center Features To Micros

  • Centralized CRM Integration.
  • Customer Database building.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Dashboard for Real-time Sales Indicators.
  • Faster order taking process.
  • Reduce data entry errors.
  • Reduce both Data Entery Time and Errors.

CIRA Detailed Orders

CIRA For Microswill deal with Call Center

as separte branch which will contains Micros server and one client per agent.

Centralized database:

CIRA database contains all branche's customers with order history in one place.

Popup screen with customer infromation and order history:

On new call ,CIRA will popup customer data and (different branch and delivery address choices). agent can add or selects delivery chioce and save.

Centralized operations:

Agent uses one Micros client to place orders and CIRA will route order to selected branch.

Menu Items Reports
Centeralized web-reports
(support all browsers)

  • foundation package cames with

    baisc reports includeing details ,sales and Top reports on customers , call center ,branches , menu items and discounts.

CIRA For Micros
Print Sales Report

  • Real time sales dash boards

    Monitor you real-time sales from any item.
  • No GSS module is needed in branches

    Only GSS module is need in call center.


CIRA For Micros Is your professional solution to add Call center features to Micros

  • Centralized Database
    Customers and transactions.
  • Supports multiple addresses and preferred branches Pre customer.
  • Centralized Operations
    Agent can Place order to any branch with one Micros client.
  • Centralized WebReports (Support all browsers ).
  • Popup screen with customer information and order history.
  • Real time Sales Dashboard (Total and per Branch).
  • No GSS module is not needed in branches.