LogicsWare EPIX
Overview and goals

LogicsWare EPIX system contains extensive products and modules that enrich the system with features and functionality for normal and business critical needs.

  • Real-Time Serial, IP LAN/WAN
    connectivity for the collection of CDR data.
  • Real-Time Multiple-Site and Multiple-PBX
    data collection of many CDR data sources.
  • Very Rich Reporting Tool
    that contains Analytical, and Graphical. All reports can be exported to Adobe Acrobat PDF, Excel, Word and HTML format.

The System Can Be Easily Integrated
with external systems like:

 - Active Directory for employee information synchronization.
 - HR and Financial Software for Telephone Call Cost updates.
  • E-Mail Reporting Module

    with many customizable features.
  • Multiple pricing schemes

    for different carriers and different trunks.
  • No Data Alarm Module

    that sends email to system administrators in case of no data for pre-specified period of time.
  • Data Backup Module

    that burns calls in a specific period to CD/DVD with a read/report utility that makes the CD/DVD is capable of extracting reports for the backed up period.
  • Quota Management Module

    to alarm managers via emails when users are near their assigned quotas.


LogicsWare EPIX System Features and optional Modules:

  • Multi-Database engines interface capability.
  • Multi-Site collection via FTP, IP, Shared Databases (ODBC), RS232, and dial-up.
  • Hierarchical email reporting module that automatically sends emails to both employees and their managers.
  • Extensive reporting features for analytical and control purposes, with the ability to export these reports many standard formats (PDF, Excel, Word, and HTML).
  • Active directory integration for employee data synchronization.
  • IP phone utilities for major PBX vendors.
  • Capable of storing a large number of CDR records (typically infinite) depending on the Database Engine and hard disk space.
  • True Multi-Threading system that make use of new processors (Core 2 Duo, and Quad four), to achieve the highest performance.
  • Database backup module that burns calls data for specific time period on a CD/DVD to decrease the live database size, each burned CD/DVD will contain lite reporting tool that enables system administrators to extract the most important reports on the fly from the CD/DVD.
  • Email module that automatically sends each user monthly a web link that enables him/her to view their monthly calls and update private/business calls, in order to send private calls to the HR (financial) software.
  • The system supports multiple hierarchical levels (up to four levels).

Fraud Detection Module
this module will automatically send email in many cases like:

  • Unknown PABX resources (Extensions or Trunks or Authorization code).
  • Calls that made using Authorization code from foreign extension or from guest rooms.
  • Calls that exceeds a specified time or specified price.
  • Calls that made using direct access code.
  • Trunk to trunk calls.

Logicsware EPIX Highlight

  • Based on MS-SQL Server Database the system provides superior stability and service enablement via Intranet and Internet.
  • System Monitoring with alarms for no data, and with the powerful watch dog service the system is continuously monitored.
  • Multi-User secured system from either desktop clients or web clients.
  • Multiple pricing schemes for different carriers and different CO trunks.
  • The system can force pre-defined quotas for different call types, which can be assigned as a per user basis, the system will notify department managers with users who are going to reach their assigned quotas.
  • Complete Hospitality Module that supports most of the existing PBX's and PMS systems. Supported functions are (Check In/Out, Room Change/Swap, Room Status, Wake-up Calls, Mini-Bar, etc.…).
  • Multi-Lingual (Arabic/English/French) WEB based Administration and Reporting.