SoftVoice ...

General System Features

24 Hour Messaging

  • Accepts your calls 24x7x365. Every call is date/time stamped so that you can tell exactly when the call was received.


  • Guides you with audible prompts at each step. The prompts tells you what to do next, or what options are available, so that you don't have to remember every step. You can interrupt a prompt by pressing the key for the next step.

Simplified mailbox activation

  • With the aid of prompts, first time users may quickly and easily set-up their mailbox by recording their name and entering a security code.

Other System Features

Date and time stamping

After listening to a message, a date and time prompt may automatically be heard, indicating the date and time the message was sent. This may be programmed to be heard by the user at all times, or may be programmed manually, only to be heard by hitting a key during a particular message.

Multiple Personal Greeting

Accepts up to 10 mailbox greetings, inserting appropriate greeting when necessary.

Message waiting indication

Has message waiting indication that notifies you when you receive a new message. The message waiting indicator on your phone lights up or flashes, or you hear a special dial tone when you pick up the handset.

Unlimited mailboxes

Accepts unlimited number of mailboxes.

Security Code

Allows you to choose 4 digits Security Code to protect your messages. You can change your code anytime you want.

Flexible Storage Capacity

Automatically stores incoming messages at the hard disk which is the only storage limitation.

Caller ID

Each message left in your soft voice is stored with the telephone number of the person who left the message. You can retrieve the numbers immediately while listening to your messages.

Direct or Group Messaging

Getting information to others made easy by delivering a direct voice message without any cost and time consuming.

Menu/Automated Attendant

Set up a to act as a menu-driven information system or Auto attendant which is useful if combined with our features, or provide access to a selection of voice messages/fax documents. The menu feature can be nested to create several levels of menu options, making the number of options you can make available to your callers virtually unlimited!

Day, Night and holiday

Makes sure your customers always hear a relevant message, day or night, weekends or vacation.

Message retrieve, save, copy and delete

  • A user may retrieve messages in their mailbox internally or off site, save a message for future reference, copy a message to another mailbox or delete a message.

Message playing, replaying, forwarding or calling the sender

  • A user may play messages in their mailbox internally or off site, replay a message, forwarding a message to another mailbox or calling the sender.

Urgent messages

  • Messages may be labelled urgent, which forces that message to be heard first.

Fast-forward/rewind, message skip/pause

A user may fast-forward or rewind messages, New and saved messages may be skipped over. Finally, while listening to any message, the pause may be shortened by hitting another key during the message. It may also serve as an immediate skip over new messages to saved messages.

Distribution lists

Allows a list of mailboxes to be created and assigned as a distribution list. Once set-up, a message need only be broadcast once to this group.

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Broadcasting Messaging

Makes communicate easily with your entire staff, or selected members of your organization, with one easy message.

Client notification/ administration

Your Soft Voice will notify you immediately at your pc desktop after a new message have been left in your mailbox you can listen to your voicemail messages from your computer no matter where you are. Save them and forward them, like any other email message.