CASCO Contact Center


Provides a complete desktop productivity tools and components designed to enhance a user's contact center, regarding supervision and control issues.

Enables customers to control telephone calls (both incoming and outgoing (optional), internal text chatting, and display contact related information from a personal computer.

Casco Contact Center
Server Features:

  • Feature one

    Each channel can execute either a global or a specific script.
  • Feature two

    The customer will be prompt to leave a voice mail message if no agents were able to receive his/her call.
  • Feature three

    Real-time supervision of all channel status, and agent status.
  • Feature four

    Customized settings for PABX's, Calendar, and more….

Desktop Features:

The supervisor screen contains Seven major components:

  • Calls Grids (Received, Abandoned Calls).
  • Wall Board like bar to display (Answered, Abandoned, Queue, and Abandoned Call Rate), (an extra Wall Board module for LCD wide screens is also available).
  • Call Traffic Bar Chart which enables the supervisor to see call distribution and identify the rush hours.
  • Built In Soft Phone (CascoPhoneX) for better Call/Agent Management, works on windows based PC's and Tablets, fully working with MS-Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • Online status display for:
  • Status Bar that indicates:
  • Unified Messaging:

Casco Contact Center

System Extra Features

Reporting Tool

  • System contains many reports (Detailed, Summary, Graphical, and Analytical).
  • This reach set of reports allows the supervisor to fully characterize the performance of all agents.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • IVR is your virtual receptionist, secretary, operator, and customer service representative.
  • IVR is a technology that automates phone calls.
  • IVR lets callers' access information without human intervention by integrating with a database system.
  • IVR automates your business process over the phone.