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Logicsware Corporate Vision

Our vision is to be the regional market leader in the Telecom Software Industry.

We will earn this leadership position by offering high-quality integrated and technologically Advanced solutions and services in each of the markets we serve.

We will add value to our products and services by providing superior customer Service through our uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction .

Logicsware Corporate Objectives !

To become one of the top Software companies in Egypt.

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First Objective

To become one of the top Software companies in Egypt over the coming 2 years and in the region over the coming 5 years.

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second Objective

To be recognized in the markets that we serve as the highest quality Software Solution provider so as to achieve our growth through customer satisfaction.

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third Objective

To attract, develop, and retain the highest caliber of professional personnel in the Software industry.

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Fourth Objective

To be recognized as supplier of choice to potential customers through providing breakthrough technology and superior customer support.

Our Corporate Strategies
Human Resources

  • Attract the highest caliber

    through building an indisputable corporate image and reputation as the Software and IT employer of choice.
  • Develop our personnel

    through engaging in structured HR development programs formulated by professional HR consultants with customer-focus in perspective.
  • Retain our people

    by creating an enjoyable yet professional corporate culture in addition to remuneration schemes and career development paths that will ensure our employees satisfaction and loyalty.

Core Technology

Develop, and continue to develop,

total telecom solutions and services to suit clients requirements.

Establish technological strategic

alliances and partnerships with local, regional, and multinational firms to deliver technological breakthroughs.

Develop, and continue to develop,

value-added services to meet clients needs.


Full - fledged marketing concept of taking an integrated marketing approach to satisfy the need of a well defined target market more effective than competition.

Service differentiation strategy by positioning our company as the ultimate source of customer support & service with the best service philosophy in the telecommunications industry.

Personnel differentiation strategy by developing caliber with the highest technical and customer service capability.

Business Practices

Well defined and recorded Processes

to meet clients' expectations and achieve our mission.

Total Quality

is the only way not
only to achieve excellence but also to achieve differentiation in that excellence.

Continuous review and auditing

to guarantee consistent outputs conforming to requirements.

Performance measurement set,

policies and procedures and team work is a corporate belief.

Distinctive Capability
& Core Competencies

  • Our Distinctive Capability

    is after-sales technical support that generates our customer satisfaction and ultimately loyalty.

  • Our customer

    satisfaction rate is 90% and retention rate 100%.

  • Such capability

    is originating from a number of Core Competencies, such as the strong technical expertise of our engineers and inventory management techniques in addition to other competencies relevant to our quality system policies and procedures We are committed to the implementation of quality system. We are designing our quality system to meet the requirements of both ISO and CMM standards.

Management Style

Our people are our most valuable asset & professionalism is the key to achieving our vision. in people we believe, with people we ally and for people we serve with devotion and quality towards the road to excellence.

People, core technology and business Practice are our sources of strength and differentiating excellence in performance is the only acceptable output result.

People for People ... A Road to Excellence.

Our Innovativeness

Question :

From day one we asked our selves "How can LogicsWare have its own ball in the court?"

Answer :

Develop own brand for Telecommunication S/W products "Call Accounting/Management Systems & Voice Mail systems….etc".
Call Account/Management systems in Egypt and soon in the region.