Call Server Platform

  • a powerful solution

    for voice calls management, integration, billing, and control.
  • The system contains

    extensive products and modules that enrich the system with features and functionality for normal and business critical needs Based on MS-SQL Server Database Multi-Site collection via FTP, IP, Shared Databases (ODBC), RS232, and dial-up.
  • Call Server Platform contains two categories.

    - Call Server (EPIX).
    - Call Visor.

Call Server Platform

Call Management Server

Powerful solutions for calls management, integration, billing, and control. The y contain extensive modules that enriches them with features and functionalities for normal and business critical needs.

  • Real-Time Serial, IP LAN/WAN connectivity for the collection of CDR data.
  • Real-Time Multiple-Site and Multiple-PBX data collection of many CDR data sources.
  • Very Rich Reporting Tool Analytical, and Graphical.
  • E-Mail Reporting Module.
  • Multiple pricing schemes.
  • Data Backup Module.
  • Quota Management Module.
  • Active Directory synchronization.

Logicsware Call Visor

  • Support up to 2 PBXs.
  • PMS/Hospitality ready.
  • Multiple user accounts with Log On mode.
  • MultiLanguage support.
  • Remote Clients for administration ,Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Fiendly GUI.
  • Rich Reporting Modules export to differnet standard formats.